Swiss company Wisekey launches digital blockchain vaccination card

The Swiss company for blockchain and cybersecurity Wisekey has integrated a digital health card, among other things for vaccination certificates, into its blockchain app.

The Swiss company for blockchain and cybersecurity Bitcoin Revolution has added a digital health card to its blockchain app, which can also be used as a vaccination card in the corona crisis . Wisekey announced this in a press release on January 6th .

Fighting pandemics via blockchain

The health card gives authorities and other public service organizations the necessary tools “to control and minimize the health risks during the de-escalation phase of the pandemic and to serve as official evidence for those who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus”, writes Wisekey.

To protect confidential user data and to comply with applicable data protection requirements such as

General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ), the health data on the app is encrypted and stored decentrally on a blockchain with a digital certificate for possible identification .

As Wisekey also writes, they worked closely with official bodies regarding the app. The communication states:

“Wisekey is currently working with several governments and health organizations to add additional features to the WIShelter app, such as: B. the possibility for users to upload the results of their COVID-19 test and digitally certify them. These functionalities will enable local governments to enable healthy / immune individuals to return to work safely, thereby reducing the economic impact of the epidemic while protecting the high risk population by controlling the spread of this infectious disease. ”

Security solution provider

Wisekey is particularly active in the blockchain area with security solutions . In May 2018, the Swiss announced a blockchain smartphone called Wisephone . This is still not available more than a year later. However, other projects such as the start of a blockchain-powered ID solution for IoT devices in March of this year or a stake in the American data infrastructure company Tarmin show that Wisekey is expanding its business in other areas.

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